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The contents of these regulation files include many components.  Specifically, the Initial Statement of Reasons (ISOR), which includes the problem that the regulation addresses, the purpose of the regulation and the necessity of each provision of the regulation is part of the initial phase of the regular (as opposed to emergency) regulation development.  The regulation and ISOR are noticed for 45-Days and are followed by a public hearing, during which the public can comment.  The Final Statement of Reasons (FSOR) captures the Boards response to public comment and the Updated Informative Digest (UID) is an update of the narrative contained in the ISOR.    

By their very nature, the regulation files contain outdated information, because they represent the development of a regulation.  For example, if a regulation was changed in response to public comment the necessity for the changed provision will not be represented in the ISOR. Instead the necessity for the changed provision will be represented chronologically later, likely in a Supplemental Statement of Reasons or the FSOR. To most efficiently get the most accurate information from a rulemaking file, look for the Table of Contents, which in the more recent files, will be in TAB 1.

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