Current Projects

Safety Element Assessment


Resource Protection Committee

Current Projects

Resources for Local Agencies. Information regarding Safety Element Reviews, 4290 Certifications, and other fire planning resources for local agencies.

Utility Vegetation Clearing Standards. Objective: Track CAL FIRE monitoring of performance of major woody stem exemption; review CPUC rules on new utility vegetation clearing standards; and amend 14 CCR 1257 (a) (3) which expires on December 31, 2011.

Regulatory consistency with new PRC 4291 laws. Objective: Revise 14 CCR 1299. Revise Technical Rule Addendum No. 4, diagram of required defensible space around structures in 14 CCR 1038.

Sudden Oak Death Regulations. Objective: Proposed and adopt permanent Sudden Oak Death Emergency Notice regulations.

Update of Title 14 CCR 1270 SRA Fire Safe Regulations, Objective: Revise SRA Fire Safe regulations as needed for consistency with Title 24 California Fire Codes other contemporary standards, and clarify administrative and enforcement subsections.

Vegetation Treatment Programmatic EIR. Objective: Complete administrative draft in 2011.

Golden spotted Oak Borer. Objective: Consider GSOB Zone of Infestation regulations or other actions to address issues.

California Fire Plan 2010. Objective: Update on measures of success and Fire Plan 2010 accomplishments.

Safety Element Review (all counties, cities with VHFHSZ). Objective: Review and provide recommendations for all revised general plan fire safety elements pursuant to GC 65302.5.