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California Vegetation Treatment Program (CalVTP)

The Board is preparing a Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) for the proposed California Vegetation Treatment Program (CalVTP). Under the CalVTP, CAL FIRE would implement vegetation treatments to reduce wildfire risks and avoid or diminish the harmful effects of wildfire on the people, property, and natural resources in the State of California. To counteract decades of fire suppression, vegetation treatment activities would be designed to reduce fire fuels, improve protection from wildfire through strategically located fuel breaks, and mimic a natural fire regime using prescribed burning. In addition, ecosystem restoration activities would be designed to approximate natural habitat conditions, processes, and values to those occurring prior to the period of fire suppression. The PEIR will analyze the potential environmental effects of the proposed CalVTP.

To be kept apprised of updates on the CalVTP PEIR, please email CalVTP@bof.ca.gov.


  • A Notice of Preparation was released on January 30, 2019. For information about the comment period and scoping sessions.

AB 1504

For more information on AB 1504 process click here.

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